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My name is Cathy Kavanaugh, and like you, I’m an animal lover. Not only that, but I have a special place in my heart for beagles. Or, as I like to call them, bugles because of their adorable combination of barking and howling. Yes, beagles are noisy, and they can be little brats.

However, with the right care and training your beagle will be well-mannered and the best Beagle Bud you always wanted.

Here’s the thing:

I’d always had big dogs, but after my German Shepard, Lobo passed away at only eight years old — I decided to get a smaller breed because I heard they live longer. According to my research, Beagles live 12 to 15 years. So that’s potentially another seven years I get to spend with my beagle buddies. I have three little darlings: Lucy, age five, Ricky, age seven (they’re rescues) and Ethel is the baby of the family.

I know, I gave them human names. They’re my fur babies, after all, and definitely a part of the family. Plus, growing up, “I Love Lucy” reruns were one of my favorite shows to watch on TV. Not only that, but my beagle buds are funny characters just like Lucy and the gang.

What’s more;

When I started raising beagles, I knew I wasn’t ready for a puppy, which is why I decided on rescues. Lucy and Ricky were a pair that I didn’t want to separate, so I took them both in, and it was the best decision I ever made. They were already past the puppy stage and had some training. Plus they were easy to care for and loveable from the very beginning. Once I got used to the breed, I decided to purchase a puppy. She’s a little more challenging, and it takes some patience when you’re potty training.

But still, Ethel is worth all the cleaning up after her.

So, I decided to start a website for all the beagle lovers out there. And that’s how came to be. I’m the lead editor here at — and my mission is to find the cutest beagle videos online and share them with you. If you’re thinking about becoming a beagle parent, you’ll be ready after watching a few of these videos.

From videos that melt your heart with that sweet beagle puppy howl to a beagle puppy throwing a tantrum and even a beagle falling asleep while listening to a lullaby, you’ll love the videos you find on —

Even better, you’ll find articles on how to train and care for your furry friends. So if you’re a beagle owner or thinking about becoming one, I hope you find inspiring and fun to peruse. We’ll keep adding more beagle videos and how-to articles to keep you entertained and informed.

Again, welcome to our community. Please feel free to leave a comment with questions and suggestions. Do you have a Beagle Bud? Why not tell us about them? We’d love to hear from you!


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